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Posted by on Aug 31, 2018 13:33:43 PM

Smart homes are becoming an ever more increasing reality. Previously limited to movies and TV shows, intelligent devices are taking over our homes and creating a futuristic environment indoors. Sometimes you can even feel like the Jetsons from the popular TV cartoon.

As exciting as a smart home is, imagine a smart lawn. As popular as smart homes are, smart lawns are becoming ever more popular and taking over the suburbs yard-by-yard.


 Achieving a smart lawn makes lawn care easier and encourages a less stressful environment. There are a plethora of devices on the market to help you achieve a smart lawn; here’s just a few.

How Do You Achieve A Smart Lawn For Your Yard?

  1. Smart sprinklers and water controllers. Your sprinkler system might already be on a timer, but installing an intelligent water controller allows you to set up different zones in the yard using an app. The best smart water controller devices will also provide you with real-time information on your lawn and the weather to develop a customized watering schedule. Say goodbye to under- and overwatering.
  2. Smart diagnostics of your lawn care equipment. If your traditional lawn mower or other yard equipment tends to break down, or you keep forgetting its yearly maintenance, some lawn mowers are coming equipped with onboard diagnostic reporting. A simple kit plugs into your mower and feeds information to an app on your phone about your equipment. Along for the ride are notifications on oil changes, filter changes, and information on blades maintenance.
  4. Smart rain gauge. When you’re not sure if it’s time to water the grass, or whether it rained at your house while you were away, use a smart rain gauge. Intelligent rain gauges let you know their take on the upcoming forecast, how much rain has fallen at your house, and what your best course of action is for your yard.
  5. Robotic lawn mower. If you’re looking for the perfect way to achieve a smart lawn, look no further than a robotic lawnmower. They are battery-powered and run automatically, usually continuously, mowing around the clock, in different directions. Robotic lawnmowers create a healthier, hardier lawn that will last through the dormant winter and the harsh high heat of summer.


Your plants are an essential part of your lawn, so achieving a smart lawn means paying attention to your plants, even the indoor ones.

Achieve A Smart Lawn

  1. Plant sensor. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! Smart plant sensors tell you why your plant is unhappy and gives recommendations on how to rectify the situation. Designed for both novices and trained botanists, smart plant sensors give you insights on the soil, including moisture levels, temperature, and light intensity. Use them inside or outside and set up notifications for when your favorite plant needs help.
  2. Garden sensors. Worried about your garden plants surviving the growing season? Try a garden sensor. Similar to plant sensors, garden sensors provide diagnostics on the soil, light intensity, and other factors affecting the health of your garden.

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