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Posted by on Jul 26, 2018 16:26:04 PM

Is the ‘perfect’ lawn an attainable goal? Sure, everyone wants the perfect lawn, the envy of their neighbors and the best curbside appeal but achieving the perfect lawn all year long is harder than it sounds. While there really isn’t a truly perfect yard out there, if you set your expectations correctly, you can find the perfect lawn all year long that works for you.



Spring is the perfect time to get started on the right path to an ideal lawn. Your yard is waking up, and there is work to be done.

  1. Wake up the yard

When the grass is coming out of dormancy, give it a thorough mow, trim, and raking. Leave some of the yard clippings on the grass as natural fertilization. This is also the time to dethatch dense areas, aerate, and repair brown spots.

  1. Test the soil

Every variety of grass requires a different soil pH level. On average, they prefer something around 6.5 pH. Test your soil every spring to ensure you’re at the right level for optimum growth. You can use lime and nitrogen fertilizer to adjust the level if you’re off the mark.

wake up the yard

  1. Remove weeds the smarter way

Avoid weed-and-feed fertilizers. They only work on preexisting plants, and the chemicals are harsh, stressing your lawn. Use spot treatment weed killers and only use high nitrogen fertilizers without added herbicides.

When summer hits, it’s time to worry about high temperatures and irrigation. Your perfect lawn all year long needs extra attention in the summer.

The Perfect Lawn All Year Long

  1. Water thoroughly but wisely

Most lawns require 1″ to 1 ½” of water per week. Try watering several times a week, only in the morning, increasing the level of water during hotter weeks. Don’t oversaturate, but make sure you get thorough coverage. If you water too much, your lawn will develop a shallow root system, making it less hardy during droughts.

  1. Keep the right height

A lot of homeowners and lawn care companies take off 1/3rd or more of your grass each cut. This stresses the lawn and creates weak grass with shallow roots that require more irrigation. A robotic mower like Mowbot only takes 1mm at a time, strengthening your grass.

  1. Organic pest control

Most pesticide options do more harm than good. Not just to your lawn, but to the environment. Switch to a natural pesticide solution to keep your yard as chemical-free as possible and keep harmful synthetic materials out of the waterways.

September opens the fall season and a new perfect lawn all year long to-do list.

The Perfect Lawn All Year Long

–  Dethatch dense areas

Thatch on your lawn blocks moisture and air. It’s best removed in the spring, but if you didn’t get everything then, you can now. Gently but thoroughly rake the thatch off and dispose of it.

  1. Seeding

Fall is a great time to seed bare spots. Till the soil of the bare spots, apply seed, and cover with lightweight peat-moss and compost soil. Keep the area moist to avoid drying out.

  1. Raking

Keep the dead leaves off your lawn. They block air and moisture, and you want a hardy lawn before dormancy, not a weak one. Before it goes dormant, use a winterizer fertilizer to feed it through winter.

Winter is more about preparation than anything else. Spring starts the cycle again, so preparing for your perfect lawn all year long in winter is a solid move.

  1. Prepare for a new cycle

Clean, repair, and organize your equipment and supplies. Read up on the weeds that plagued you most and create a plan of attack for the spring. If you want the perfect lawn all year long, you need to work on it all year long, even when it’s sleeping.

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