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Posted by on Jun 21, 2018 14:15:05 PM

What use is the perfect backyard oasis, if obnoxious mosquitos are flying around? Mosquitos carry with them harmful diseases like West Nile virus, making their bites worrisome and something to avoid. There is a plethora of options to rid your yard of mosquitos.

Mosquito Repellant Plants For Your Health

But most of these remedies are more harmful than helpful. DEET, in particular, is a dangerous chemical to use.

Most commercial insect repellants contain anywhere from 5% to 25% DEET in their compound. DEET is especially dangerous to children, who can develop seizures, hypotension, and slurred speech when exposed to high amounts.

 There are, of course, DEET-free options on the market, but they’re never as effective as advertised. If you’re looking for a better, healthier way to reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard, consider planting mosquito repellant plants.


There are some great options for mosquito repellant plants, all of which can do wonders for your yard. Mosquitos are annoying and painful and can give unsuspecting victims diseases like West Nile Virus.

Reducing the number of mosquitos is essential and doing so without the use of dangerous chemicals like DEET is just as important. Insect repellant plants are a great option. The most recognized mosquito repellant plants are undoubtedly citronella. The insect repelling market has a wide variety of citronella products, including candles and torches.

  • Citronella – has a strong aroma that mosquitos hate. Citronella plants are the best way to use the scent, as it is naturally stronger. Citronella is delicate in frost situations but can be planted outdoors in warmer climates and large, movable pots in the north. Ensure you buy true citronella plants and not ‘citronella scented’ plants, which are significantly less effective.
  • Horsemint/Beebalm – these plants work like citronella. Its odor confuses mosquitos, sending them away from the area. Horsemint is shade-tolerant and drought-resistant, making it perfect for most climates and areas of the yard. Horsemint also attracts bees and butterflies.
    Mosquito Repellant Plants

  • Marigolds – have a strong odor that mosquitos find intolerable. Marigolds contain a compound used in some commercial repellants. Plant or use potted marigolds near doors and windows to keep the pests from entering the home. Marigolds are also effective at reducing the number of insects praying on your tomato plants.
  • Ageratum or Flossflowers – another mosquito repellant plant have an especially foul smell to mosquitos that is widely used in commercial repellants. Perfect in full or partial sun, argeratum produces lovely pink, white, and violet blooms.
  • Catnip – the most surprising plant of mosquito repellant plants is probably catnip. Cats around the world are addicted to catnip, which produces a repelling smell ten times more effective than DEET, according to Iowa State University. Easy to grow, catnip will attract your neighborhood stray cats, and reduce your mosquito problem. You can crush catnip or use catnip oil for further protection.

Mosquito repellant plants are a wonderful, safe, healthy, and effective way to rid your yard of pesky pests once and for all.
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