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Mowing Wet Grass: Bad Or Ok? | Mowbot

Posted by on Apr 26, 2018 14:39:43 PM

The great debate on whether mowing wet grass is terrible has been resolved once and for all. Let’s face it, everyone and their mother has told you it’s a bad idea to mow wet grass, and in some ways they’re right. Wet grass is slippery, the clippings excessively clump, and the chlorophyll in the cut blades will stain everything they touch. But in the end, if you consider some extra elements, mowing wet grass is not the end of the world.

If you already have trouble with mobility, mowing a wet lawn is not the best option, even if you think you’re optionless. A wet yard is a slippery yard, and the risk of falling outweighs the benefits of having a freshly mowed lawn.Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 10.52.01 PMIf you’re confident in your ability to walk unhindered and your yard growth has gotten out of hand, mowing wet grass might work. If your grass length is getting too high, and there is a lot more rain on the radar, use a couple of precautions before you venture out with the lawnmower.

Your first precaution is not using an electric mower with an extension cord. Water and electricity don’t typically go well together. You also need to make sure the soil isn’t overly soggy. If you’re sinking into the ground while you walk, the result of mowing wet grass will not be attractive.
Because the fresh clippings will excessively clump on your lawn, they pose a threat to your mower, potentially clogging the blades and motor system. They are also unsightly when the grass dries. If you’re going to mow a wet lawn, it’s best practice to work slowly and stop periodically to rake the clumps.
Plan to wear old clothes and shoes for mowing wet grass. The chlorophyll in the blades is particularly potent when wet, and whatever, or whoever the clippings land on will be stained. Your driveway, your fence, your clothes and shoes, everything will be green.

If you live in a water-logged part of the country like the Pacific Northwest, or your weather forecast is calling for several days of rain, you might have to decide whether it is worth the hassle to mow a wet yard. But Kansas State University says, “Contrary to popular belief, mowing wet grass is better than letting grass grow too tall-if the mower blades are sharp.”


Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 10.52.12 PMWhether or not you can successfully mow your wet lawn when necessary, there is an easier way to meet your lawn care needs. Mowbot is a full-service lawn care company like traditional commercial companies, but exponentially better. Mowbot is an environmentally friendly option that uses battery-powered equipment, cars, and robotic lawnmowers to take care of your entire yard. Providing everything from continuous robotic mowing, to trimming, edging, and blowing, Mowbot meets your lawn’s specific needs even if the grass is wet. The robotic mower mows in different directions every pass, taking only 1 mm off each blade at a time. The perfect length, the perfect lawn, the perfect lawn care company.

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