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Mowbot And Pet Poo: Prevent Cross Contamination

  Feb 28, 2018   

Your dog is a member of your family, and at Mowbot we care just as much about your dog’s health…

How To Prevent Urine From Killing Grass | Mowbot

  Feb 22, 2018   

Have you noticed that one patch of grass in your yard is persistently yellow and dead? Do you have a…

When Should You Prune A Tree? | Mowbot

  Feb 13, 2018   

Tree and shrub pruning should be a part of your yard’s annual maintenance schedule. While the typical tree pruning cycle…

Early Season Lawn Care Tips | Mowbot

  Feb 5, 2018   

Spring brings with it the return of warm sunshine, outdoor recreation, gardening and the continuous hum of lawn mowers. But…

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Press Release Durham, NC, June 5, 2019 Today, Mowbot Inc. announced a venture investment by Husqvarna Group of Stockholm, Sweden…