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Posted by on May 31, 2018 10:10:27 AM

Eco-friendly lawn care is an attempt at caring for your yard without destroying the environment. You entertain guests in your yard, your children and pets play in the yard, and your lawn is something you take pride in. It’s important to practice eco-friendly lawn care to keep the grass and plants green, healthy, and safe for friends and family all while making your neighbors envious.

Numerous contaminants are released into the environment during traditional lawn care. Fossil fuels are leaked, and their fumes are released, inorganic fertilizers pollute your grass and flower beds, and synthetic herbicides and pesticides leach into the soil and run down to the sewer drain when it rains, contaminating the water.

An eco-friendly approach to lawn care reduces or eliminates the introduction of pollutants to your environment.


Most traditional commercial lawn care companies use fossil fuel-powered equipment to mow and care for your yard. By burning fossil fuels, they are releasing carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse gas that plays into climate change. Additionally, if their equipment springs a leak, or they spill gas while refueling the equipment, the pollutant enters your yard and eventually the sewer drain.

Mowbot is a unique lawn care provider, using only battery-powered mowers, equipment, and cars. Fewer emissions mean fewer contaminants are entering the atmosphere and streams and rivers.


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